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Thanks for asking Bailadores de Bronce to perform for your event! We are a 501(c)3 community dance group. All our officers, board members and dancers are volunteers who work or study full time. Taking this into consideration, our availability is best for Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays. We can do some small shows on week nights.

Bailadores de Bronce
Contact Information:
Website: www.bailadoresdebronce.org
Email: bdbronce@gmail.com
Voicemail: (206) 992-2869
P.O. Box 25529
Seattle, WA 98165-1029

Our NEW price list as of July 2014:
(prices are based on # dancers, show duration, distance we have to travel, skill level of dancers, ability of client to pay):

2 dancers/15 min (need minimum 10'x10'dance area): $175
4 dancers/15 min (need minimum 8'x16' dance area): $300
4 dancers/20 min: $325
6 dancers/15 min (need minimum 16'x24' dance area): $350
6 dancers/20 min: $400
6+ dancers/30 min: $500
8+ dancers/45 min (need minimum 24'x32' dance area): $850
8+ dancers/60 min: $1000
Show price for over 60 minutes will be negotiated by Executive Director

Dancing w/ live mariachi (extra $100 coordination fee)

**Prices may be adjusted only by the Executive Director

Make check payable to Bailadores de Bronce for the evening of show. OK to mail to: PO Box 25529. Seattle, WA 98165-1029. We can send electronic invoice and provide our 501c3 # on W-9 if needed for tax purposes. These shows are fee for service so are not usually tax deductible. We need the following information:
Event Title:

Must be more than 30 days in advance
Event Date:
Show Start Time:
Show Duration:
Contact Name:
Contact Email:
Special Requests:
some clients want specific regions or specific dancers in the performance


  1. Sound system must be provided that plays CDs/I-pod (prefer I-pod)

  2. Preferred floor is wood. Our boots have nails in heels and toes and can scratch nice surfaces, so be mindful of this when inviting us.

  3. Change room near stage must be available enough to fit # of dancers invited. Not necessary to have private mens/womens rooms.

  4. For shows of 30 min or more, we need to unload a lot of gear and need parking access close to stage. Parking is appreciated for all shows.

  5. If this is a fair style event, will dancers need entry/parking tickets? If so, please arrange w/ director to send to his/her address for distribution prior to event.

Correspondence will be via our email or director's personal phone number. We have a goal of replying within 1 week of your formal request. If your proposal is selected, we will make a call for dancers and schedule your performance. Dancers often sign up the week of the show, so it is difficult to get you a solid # of how many dancers will be available far in advance.
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